The earliest arrival time is 16.00 on the arrival day. The latest departure is 10.00 on the departure day.
Earlier arrivals and later departures will not be possible.




The guest is obligated by Croatian law to provide the villa owner/villa host with official identification
documents containing personal details for tourist registration purposes with the national tourist board
(HTZ). This information will not be used for any other purposes. A guest that will not provide any form of
personal identification for tourist registration as required by law, may be denied access to the property
with no possibility of refund of the paid rent.




At any time, the number of guests on the villa property cannot be higher than the one stated in the
confirmation and number of guests can be increased up to the maximum capacity stated on the villa
website. The total number of guests includes children regardless of their age.

If unregistrated guests are on the villa property, the owner retain the right to terminate the rental
agreement immidiiately, without a notice period and the guests are obligated to leave the villa
permanently, within 2 hours. A refund for the unused part of the rental period will not be possible.




Pets are not allowed in the pool and not allowed to sit on the furniture at any moment. Each evidence on the stay of a pet on the furniture may cause additional cleaning costs The pet owners are responsible for cleaning of pet waste. Keeping the pets in a villa is the exclusive responsibility of the guest and
owners do not take any responsibility for possible illness or injury that the pets might suffer during their stay. If the guest brings a pet that was not announced in advance, the owner retain the right to terminate the rental contract immidiately, without a notice period and the guest is obligated to leave the villa permanently within 2 hours with all the persons staying there. A refund for the unused part of the rental
period will not be possible.




The guests is obligated to obey the instructions of any kind that refer to the usage of swimming pools
and that are given by the owner for the guests own safety. The guest is responsible for using the
swimming pools in any sense. Children must be under the supervision of adults in the pool area at all
times. The guest uses the swimming pool at his/her own responsibility. Out of the summer season, pool
might not be usable.




Select your dates, number of guests and the duration of your stay on the booking calendar.You will be able to select only available periods. Review your entry and click on „BOOK NOW“. All the prices are
stated in EURO.
The reservation is binding, and an advance payment in the amount of 30% of the agreed accommodation price is required at the reservation, after which the reservation is confirmed, the contract with the owner is concluded and villa rental contract are accepted. After the completion of the reservation process and payment, Owner shall send a written confirmation by e-mail. The rental contract is considered concluded at the moment when Owner receives the paid advance amount. In case that the payment is not made within 3 (three) days from the reservation day, the Rental contract is deemed terminated.
The costs of water, gas, electric power and internet, as well as bedlinen, towels, final cleaning of the interior, maintenance of the swimming pool and exterior, registration of stay, residential tax and the value added tax are included in the accommodation price. All payments are to be made in EURO (EUR). For the rest payment (70% of the agreed accommodation price) the same payment methods that can be used for the advance payment are accepted. The payment by bank transfer has to be made no later than 30 days before the arrival at the villa.




The guest is obligated (if he/she has no property damage liability insurance) to leave a cash deposit on arrival to the owner/villa host. The deposit sum that the guest is obligated to deposit with the owner/villa host at arrival shall be stated in the written confirmation. The deposit serves as security to
the owner for caused damages in the villa. In case that the cost of the caused damage is higher than the deposited sum, the guest is obligated to pay the total damage amount to the owner. If no damage is caused to the villa, the owner/villa host is obligated to return the deposited sum to the guest at the
guest`s departure.

The guest is obligated to report to the owner/villa host immediately the occurrence of any kind of damage on the villa or property around the villa during the rental period. At the guest’s departure and
before the return of the keys, the guest is obligated to examine the villa and the property around the villa with the owner/villa host. In case no damage is caused, the owner/villa host is obligated to return
the deposit, if he/she received it, to the guest, and in case that damage was caused and the guest has the insurance, he/she is obligated to act in accordance with the insurance conditions.


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